A Simple Guide for the Auction House in Diablo 3

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Trading items in Diablo 3 can be done in various ways; you can trade items with an NPC vendor, you can trade with other characters directly where you agree upon what you are trading for, and lastly you can list your items or buy items at the auction house.


The auction house will be available for all Diablo 3 players in two different versions; a gold-based and a currency-based. The gold based will allow players to sell their items that they acquired on their adventures for in-game gold and buy items with gold as well. The currency based will have all the same features as the gold-based auction house with a few different options for paying for items or selling items. Fees and approved third-party payment and withdrawal methods will likely differ based on the region you're in and will be clarified by Blizzard.


Each player will have a number of transactions available which waives the listing fee; after these are used each listing you make at the auction house will require a listing fee. The listing fee will encourage players to list items which they believe is in demand, encourage competitive and sensible prices and discourage low-level items or items that aren't in demand to flood the auction house.


An additional fee will be added once an item is sold; after an item is sold it will be immediately available to use in-game and will only be allowed to be re-listed in the auction house after a cooldown period.


When participating and selling items or Diablo 3 gold in the currency-based auction house, players will have the option to either withdraw the funds obtained from the transaction to their account or to an approved third-party payment system, once the funds have been withdrawn to a account it can't be transferred to a third-party payment system.


Players can access it from the interface anywhere in the game and list items from their inventory or from the shared storage, storage which is used by all the characters on a single account. Once the item is listed it will be available until the item is either sold or its listing expires.


Blizzard has implemented an extremely useful feature in Diablo 3, which essentially prevents the numerous gold-farming sites to plague the Diablo series, and I'm sure that many players will benefit from the added functionality that the auction house will bring.


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