Diablo 3: Gold is the King of the Economy

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Are you a WOW economy titan, or do you simply dabble? Either way, you'll be in for a treat in Diablo 3. As in WOW, the primary resource that makes the world go 'round is gold. There's no silver or copper here, though; it's gold all the way down, and lots of it. If you're still in the WOW mindset of "Gee, a couple of thousand gold is a lot of money," then you'll want to recalibrate. You can expect to have several thousand Diablo 3 gold by the end of the first Act. Your primary source for gold will be drops. Monsters, chests, objects -- most everything drops gold, and the amount increases as you progress through the game.

Of course, if you're not finding enough gold to suit, there's also Gold Find. This attribute (known as an "affix"), found randomly on magic weapons and armor as you progress through the game, increases the amount of gold that drops by a percentage. A full set of Gold Find gear could increase the amount of money dropped by several hundred percent; of course, your character won't be as strong, so there's a trade-off to be made.

This gold can be spent in one of three ways. First and most obviously, there are vendor NPCs that sell items. There isn't much of a selection, but occasionally you might find something useful if you've been unlucky with random drops. Second, you can spend gold on leveling your artisans and increasing your stash. Finally, you can visit
Diablo 3 auction house and go shopping. I'll cover these last two in detail.

Before I do, however, a short discussion of items is in order. The vast majority of Diablo 3's items are random drops, similar to WOW's world drops.
Diablo 3 bosses and champions (upgraded regular enemies similar to WOW's elites) do not have a fixed loot table; instead, they simply have a higher chance to drop magical items. This means you can kill what you want, when you want, and still have a chance to find something good. Of course, you'll also find a lot you can't use, and that's where the artisans and auction house come into play.




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