Diablo 3: The Early Levels for Wizard Leveling

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Diablo 3 is finally coming out. I think all of you are enjoy the game now. In this time, leveling must be the most important thing for you. Here I will share you a Diablo 3 leveling guide for Wizard in the early levels. In this leveling guide, what I will outline is based on a couple assumptions regarding your goals for wizard leveling in Diablo 3. We will assume that you are looking to power level your wizard as fast as possible and that you will be playing in single player mode.


With these criteria in mind, this build will focus on outputting massive amounts of AOE damage while offering a fair amount of survivability and the ability to keep your distance from enemies when needed. When using these abilities, remember that Signature wizard skills cost no arcane power whereas Offensive and Utility skills do.


Below are the 3 active skills and 1 passive skill that will be the most beneficial for easy leveling in the early stages of Diablo:


The first active wizard skill you should use is Magic Missile, a Signature skill. This ability is available at level 1 and will help you get started leveling your wizard. Magic Missile is a ranged arcane attack that does 110% weapon damage to your target.


The second active wizard skill you should grab is called Wave of Force, an Offensive skill. This ability is a multi-function spell that serves as both offense and defense. When cast, it causes 350% weapon damage to enemies in front of you. As if that weren't enough, its defensive benefits are equally as useful while leveling. Wave of Force repels incoming projectiles, knocks back your enemies and slows their movement by 50%. This will allow you to maintain a safe distances from your foes and as they slowly make their way back to attack you again you can finish them off with your multi-shot version of Magic Missile.


The 3rd active wizard skill to grab is definitely Frost Nova, a Utility skill. This ability creates an icy blast that will freeze your enemies for 3 seconds and cause 50% weapon damage at the same time. While Frost Nova is primarily a survival skill, allowing you to retreat back to a safe distance and lob in some ranged attacks, its 50% weapon damage and runestone bonus are nothing to sneeze at.


Your first passive wizard skill is called Power Hungry. This ability gives you 30 Arcane Power any time you receive healing from a health orb. The main function of Power Hungry is to help you maintain good levels of AP (Arcane Power) throughout your leveling.


I hope this brief guide to the best Wizard leveling build has given you a good idea of the most useful skills to use during the early levels of Diablo 3. Best of luck to everyone during your journeys to level 60 in Diablo 3. Happy leveling!




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