Different Ways to Farm WOW Gold

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Every WOW player needs wow gold to enjoy the game, whether for wow mounts, skills or enchanting or consumable items. Most players like farming their wow gold with different ways; however, what’s the best ways for us to farm wow gold? There is lots of conflicting information out there, and here this guide will teach you the ropes of making your gold with a method suitable for your character.


Basic farming, either by killing mobs or using a gathering profession, is slow. But, it’s steady gold unlike other methods. You can make as much as you want by farming, as fast as you like, and all you need is time. That said, not many people enjoy farming like this. If you are going to do it, Wintergrasp is your best place to be; killing fire elementals or farming nodes either one.


The second method is way more fun and effective, but is reliant on having a good strong party. Getting a group of skilled people together and running random heroics is very profitable; you’ll get a ton of sellable items (or auctionable mats, if you have an enchanter), and badges, which can be traded for gemstones to sell on the AH or use in crafting.


The third method available to you is using a crafting profession to make wow gold; either by making things on-demand for tips, finding items with a decent profit ratio to make, etc. This method requires a bit of start-up revenue, to get the profession maxed, but is worth it; even if you don’t want to do anything difficult, you can spend two or three minutes a day doing daily cooldowns (Alchemy and Jewelcrafting are most profitable for that). Still, this method is entirely dependant on server markets; you can go from rich to permanently break in the course of a week. Despite that, the ease of this method makes it many people’s fastest way to farm wow gold.


But if we want to discuss the absolute fastest way to farm wow gold in WOW, we have to talk about playing the Auction House. Not just low-level stuff like finding items to buy and resell for a profit; I mean manipulating markets to make things you want cheaper, and things you’re selling more expensive. This requires a certain knack and in-depth understanding of the game. You can learn this method from most of the better guides out there, as well; just make sure you learn well, as you can also LOSE a lot of gold making mistakes. If you want to make tens of thousands of gold a week with minimal playtime, though, this is your holy grail.


So there you are; I hope you found yourself a method that suits your particular goals and skillsets. While the ‘fastest way to farm wow gold in WOW will obviously vary based on skills and playstyle, I hope you now have a better idea of how to go about getting your wow gold.




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