Guild Wars 2: How to Accomplish the Memorabilia Achievement

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Guild Wars 2 has a lot of quests, missions and achievements, and Memorabilia is still an elusive achievement for most players. Then let's look at how to get this quest and, more importantly, how to accomplish it.

Memorabilia is an achievement, and you collect items related to Sonu's past. When he is awakened, the center of the quest is to find his notes and piece together memories.

To start this achievement, you must collect your notes in the cave behind Rilohn Falls. A Springer is required to reach the notes. They must then be taken to Awraned Awakened, Sonu, located at the west edge of Yatendi Village. Once you bring these notes to Sonu, he will be available at Sun’s Refuge near Amira the awakened armour smith.

Speak to Sonu and accept the quest Memorabilia. Click on the pop-up window to view the quest log, then under A Star to Guide Us you will find the objectives for the achievement.

We listed these next steps in the order they appear in your journal, but they can be done in any order.

You will want to head North to the Ancestral Tree in the north of Ruined Procession, where you will find a toy boat on the rocks by the water. Collect this and then head to of Venta Pass, finding the golden frame in the old house. On the ground, in front of the frame, there will be a circle. Stand in the circle and use cry emote to complete this section.

Next, head to the Treasure Race starting area east of the Fortress of Jahai dome and wait for the race to begin. Be sure to talk to Arbiter Lo Loju to get to Inner Keep. A Point of Interest will appear on the minimap, so head towards it until you find the lute beside some large rocks.

Travel along the east side of the Rilohn River, keeping your eye out for some scaled drakes and bushes, where you will find some Desert Flowers under a large bush.

Head to Port Yatendi Village and jump to the branded area above the waypoint. Use threatening expressions near the bushes. You will be under attack immediately, so be prepared.


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