How To Buy WOW Gold Without Account Banned

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Since Blizzard official start checking the irregularly gold trading in World of Warcraft, so many players were worried that if their account will be banned. When you’re getting involved with a game like World of Warcraft, the importance of making gold and setting yourself up for success is paramount. Unfortunately, one of the most important things you can do is also one of the most boring things you have to face. So, are you interested in buy wow gold online, urgent need wow gold after you killing monster or trading mounts with others, but hesitate to buy since the account banned case happened before? Here will tell you how to buy wow gold without account banned, if you follow the below tips, your account will be safe.

1. Don’t trust the ADs in-game, some cheating people always shouting in game that they can provide the cheapest wow gold. That is so brazenly, if you are a experienced wow player, you will know that on one dare to sell wow gold in game in public. All wow gold trading always finished in private.

2. Don’t buy gold in huge quantities, which means if you are a character under 40 level, don’t carry so much wow gold. Official will check the small account but carry huge amount wow gold.

3. Don’t TELL people you bought gold while playing World of Warcraft, there is no need for advertising! Blizzard GM often investigates the account safe if someone report illegal wow gold trading happened!

4. Don’t buy wow gold from a wow gold store without having a detailed research to figure out its possibility. When you choose wow gold supplier, their service is very important, you can image how bad luck if you ordered wow gold but have to wait 2 days then received your gold.

If you need really pure-hand farm wow gold, will be your best choice, which fund from year 2006 and so professional in wow gold providing.




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