How to Level Profession to Make Some WOW Gold

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We all know that profession is a very good way for players to make wow gold. With a profession, we are able to earn wow gold by crafting items or sell materials for other players or sell on the auction house. But leveling professions, especially crafting professions is not a easy thing. Before you begin leveling a profession, please make sure that you have known how to level it fast and make some wow gold while leveling.


1. Know What Sells

Just because you can make it doesn’t mean it will sell. There are some player crafted items that rarely move on the auction house. This is a vital one for players who have moved away from the skilling up stage and gone on to the crafting for profit stage. Before you craft a number of a single item, check how well it is selling on the auction house. It is important to note here that you should not just look for what’s up for sale now, but also monitor it to make sure the items are actually selling. The auctions could be posted and close out without being sold.


2. Material Gathering at the Start

This is one of the least favored tips, but it is also important. No one likes spending hours gathering materials to skill up or craft items to sell. However, when you begin, it is your best bet for getting the crafting ball rolling. You will not have to invest your limited wow gold into the profession if you can go out and find most or all of the ingredients on your own. Remember to avoid making your characters go broke buying pricey materials on the auction house that you could gather yourself!


3. Budget Your Crafting

This and the previous tips should be considered in order. When you begin, you have limited wow gold and should use it sparingly. That means focusing on your own material gathering. As you accumulate wealth, you may consider purchasing materials rather than gathering them to save time. You will have more gold at your disposal so it is more feasible to reinvest some of it.


However, make sure you avoid counter acting your financial progress! Regularly search the auction house for key ingredients you know you will use. Only buy the best prices and avoid spending more wow gold simply for convenience. Look at it like you are running an in-game business, because you essentially are. For maximum profit, make sure you keep your financial investment as low as you can manage.




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