NBA 2K19: New Career Mode - The Way Back

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The basketball season is coming, and fans no longer have to wait to play NBA 2K19. The game officially released on Tuesday, September 11th, and fans can start downloading the game at 12am Eastern Time on PS4 and Xbox. The following is a description of the new game in NBA 2K19.

NBA 2K celebrates 20 years for redefining sports games, from the best graphics and gameplay to groundbreaking gameplay and the immersive open-world “Neighborhood.” NBA 2K19 continues to push the limits as it brings the game closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture.

In addition to the new roster/team rating updates with LeBron James playing for the Lakers, Kawhi Leonard on the Raptors and all other major offseason moves, new tweaks to The Neighborhood mode are also expected. The career mode has also been updated as it is being called The Way Back in 2K19. The following is how Polygon describes the new career theme.

NBA 2K19's career mode is called The Way Back. This story tells a character you created. He is always named A.I: a young gun who believes he is ready for the NBA. But after the frustration of neglect in the NBA draft, his next best option is to swallow his pride and head to China to work on his game.

One of the main complaints from 2K19 users was the speed of the game, especially in online play. This has been said to be improved in addition to all extended neighborhood features. Polygon explains some of the details that should make 2K19 more interesting.

The NBA 2K19 redesigned Neighborhood offers ever-changing mini-games such as dodgeball and trivia, and VCs are distributed every day. In addition, there’s “trampoline ball” at the Cages, which are provided by Under Armour. According to Bishop, the idea is to let players choose to play something interesting - and earn rewards - even if they only have a few minutes to kill.

More importantly, Visual Concepts' some changes to the Neighborhood are designed to make it more user-friendly. The haircut is now completely free and you can preview a new ’do right from the barber’s chair. A store called Wheels sells transportation such as skateboards and bicycles so you can navigate the Neighborhood more quickly. In addition, there is now an online ranking system on a per-activity basis, the system is separate from your MyPlayer overall rating. You will see both ratings beneath each person’s feet.


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