Revealing patch notes 5.21--Content update in Fortnite

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Patch note, 5.21 is revealed. There is the inclusion of heavy sniper weapon and comeback of sniper shootout LTM in Battle Royale. Epic Games disclosed that Fortnite Client update 5.21 would be launched at 9 AM BST on 15 August 2018. According to Eastern Time, it was 4AM. Devotees of Fortnite can think of expecting a full patch note to be disclosed soon afterwards. However, in the intervening time, gamers can be able to find some early patch notes of Fortnite.

Client update, 5.21 of Fortnite is predicted to introduce the brand new and strong heavy sniper weapon. Last week, Epic Games presented update, 5.2 of Fortnite that appeared with the new double-barrel shotgun and presented the Steady Strom LTM. After the week, some number of updates is launched whilst Epic Games introduces their next content update. This appears with new content to Fortnite without having required the downtime of server. Moreover, it was predicted this week that the content update might introduce the new heavy sniper.

Content updates Fortnite likes to appear at 9AM UK time. However, it has been hours as there are no words of Epic Games upon the next launching. Fortnite content update, 5.2 is fixed to be launched on the diverse consoles including PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch and Android. The weapon comes out as the heavy sniper that is set to be appended with the 5.2 content update of Fortnite. The teaser narration for the heavy sniper is coming out in the new updates screen when the players of Fortnite Battle Royal first sign in. It indicates that New Epic along with legendary sniper rifles is capable to go for higher damage to arrangements.

Gamers can figure out the heavy sniper in action. These include 150 body damage, 342-headshot damage, legendary heavy sniper, 157-body damage, and about 355-headshot damage. Gamer can find a new cosmetic with content update 5.2 of Fortnite. Based on Fortnite Insider, the new Grill Sergeant skin could be arriving with the imminent Fortnite content update. The Grill Sergeant skin has already been disclosed in the gaming footage ahead of its formal launch. There is another cosmetic with the Fortnite content update, 5.2, as it is a strange glider being explored. The glider was explored in the gaming files being appended while a current hot-fix was deployed by Epic games as stated by Fortnite Intel. While having equipped the data-miners, it is known as TBG. However, in gaming files of Fortnite, it is labeled as Modern Military Red. To strike the cap fast, Other than radio silence from Epic Games, devotees of Fortnite must be gaining the new heavy sniper weapon. 


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