Tips for Making WOW Gold with Gathering at Low Levels

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Making wow gold as a low level player in World of Warcraft can be difficult, and living without it can be even harder. Every other level you are sinking wow gold into learning new skills and abilities! Clearly, the average Lowie needs a fair amount of wow gold just to get by. So how do you go about making a lot of wow gold when all of your drops sell for a mere little silver? You have to be a bit tricky.


Most new players aren’t aware that a lot of high level players need low level items, and they don’t want to go out and farm them for themselves. Most players wait until they are fairly high level before they pick up a crafting profession, and you can exploit their procrastination and take advantage of the massive amount of wow gold that they have to burn.


The best way I have found to make wow gold to pick up mining and skinning, and make sure to mine every copper node and skin every beast you come across. Copper often sells for around 20 gold per stack on established servers, and light leather for as much as 5 gold per stack. Don’t forget to kill some humanoids as well, because linen cloth is a staple for any player wanting to level their first aid, and can often go for 2 to 4 gold per stack.

Iron bars and wool cloth are especially profitable. This is because they are used by twink players with engineering to make grenades, and the wool is used to make bandages. Wool is easily farmed from humanoids in Hillsbrad, and Iron is extremely abundant in Thousand Needles. Both regions are great for players in their mid and late 20′s to quest in, as well, so it works out nicely.


This trend continues on right up until Outland, and then prices start to normalize a bit more. Even with that in mind, skinning and mining are excellent money-makers right up to endgame. If you are diligent about making use of your professions, you can very easily have all the wow gold you need to cover your leveling costs and still have enough for your epic flying mount when you hit level 70.


So how do you think of it and have you ever tried to make some easy wow gold at the low levels? If you have any other good ways for players to make wow gold at low level, please just feel free to share it with us. Hope all of you can make lots of wow gold and enjoy the game. Good luck.




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